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Chincoteague Island fishing report

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Mr. Dean Zirkle is holding this incredible flattie he caught drifting by Snug Harbor. He has been renting boats from Snug Harbor for many years and is one of our VIP customers, he always knows where the big ones are!


This is Chuck Ambrose one of the best fishermen from the Baltimore area with a giant flounder he caught close to Snug Harbor. Chuck knows a lot about fishing but has a lot to learn about football....he is a Ravens fan! Don't forget what happened the last time they played the Redskins!.



This is Mr. Jason Barschdorf with his 4.5 lb flounder he caught by the Assateague Lighthouse.

This is Mr.& Mrs. Brown with one of the biggest flounders ever caught along Assateague.Look at this doormat! He was using Snug Harbor bait!


Chincoteague Island has been a great hot spot for flounder fishing this past spring. Most of the fishermen were reporting large catches of flounder with a lot of throw backs, many of the fishermen have stated that they haven't seen fishing like this for many years. Most boats were catching 15-20 flounder per day with 1-3 keepers.The hot spot for the big flatties was up the Assateague Channel between the lighthouse and Tom's Cove campground.


This is world renowned flounder fisherman Mike Gibbons from Richmond Va. He hit the flounder hard last spring and has caught many good size flounder just like this 4 lb flattie he caught drifting down the Assateague Channel close to the Assateague lighthouse. I wonder if he can do it again this spring ? Mike loves fishing right after sunrise with the tide full.

Mr. Mike Gibbons says the best bait to use are big bull Snug Harbor minnows.....just ask for the big ones!


This is Mr. Campbell with little Max with a large catch of flatties that they pulled from the Assateague Channel.


This is Mike Worley one of the most famous flounder fisherman in the country with this incredible flattie he caught by the Assateague Lighthouse.


This is Mike and Brandon Worley with their great flounder catch after fishing the waters by the Assateague bridge.

Don't forget the best bait to flounder fish with is big bull Snug Harbor minners!

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